Rent Me Paint Booth

1.)   You must be authorized by Gabriel Apilando to use and operate the paint booth
2.)   You must also sign consent to use and pay a $175.00 user fee and a $300 refundable deposit.
3.)   Prior to taking possession and use, you are required to perform an inspection report – see attached.
4.)   Use only authorized paint and cleaning chemicals
5.)   Sanding, surface preparation, polishing is not allowed in the paint booth and subject to 50% surrender of your
6.)   5 hour time limit per use, failure to vacate timely may result in complete surrender of your deposit.
7.)   Upon completion of use you must completely clean the paint booth for the next person.
8.)   Failure to properly clean the booth automatically forfeits your refundable deposit.
9.)   An unobstructed 3 foot clearance around the exterior of the paint booth must be maintained at all times.
10.) Report in writing any defects of the paint booth and surrounding area, including electrical outlets, lights, etc.
11.) Upon completion, you must finish part 2 of the initial inspection report.
12.) Mr. Gabriel Apilando will quantify the report and should everything check out satisfactory you deposit will be
        refunded to you.
13.) You may use our dumpster, but limited to throw away no more than 2 large trash bags.
14.) No flammable liquid, solid, or substance is to be disposed in the dumpster.
15.) You are required to comply with the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and all rules and regulations related to
        OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910.94 .

First Rule of Order (SAFETY)

You must comply with all OSHA and Safe Operating Procedures relating to Paint Booth Operation
Failure to do so will result in a 1 year suspension of use and from the property.
No Smoking within 100 Feet of the paint booth while in use or not in use.
You are also responsible to provide your own PPE and safety equipment.
User is to provide their own paint gun, air hose, etc.
No Loitering – Only personnel related to vehicle painting activities are permitted

Paint Booth Rules


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